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Our Mission

Vote By Mail

A robust Vote By Mail program is the key to future electoral success in PA, specifically with respect to building the permanent list. Helping establish habits of voting twice a year, every year, is vital to our quest to increase turnout among new and low propensity voters. We educate voters on how to sign up to vote by mail, how to properly fill our their ballots, and how to ensure they are returned on time so their vote is counted.

Fair Elections

Advocating for fair, accessible and modern elections and empowering voters with the information necessary to make sure their vote is counted, particularly with respect to voting by mail

Multi-Cycle Pipelines

Working to create a structure to support progressive county and local candidates in odd-year elections to help communities successfully build a bench of prepared and dedicated leaders at every level of government and serve as our first line of defense against harmful policies at the local and county level, particularly with respect to the operation of the County Boards of Elections.

Volunteer Cultivation

Organize, train and deploy volunteers to assist with nonpartisan voter education, issue advocacy and voter mobilization in order to empower citizens to take an active role in their local government and help create a participatory democracy in a way that makes volunteering accessible to all who wish to be part of the solution

What We Do


Vote-by-Mail Outreach

Business Owner

Women-to-Women Phone Banks


Ballot Question Advocacy

A robust Vote By Mail program is our key to Democratic victories in 2022 and beyond. 

Building strong voting habits of voting twice a year every year is vital to our quest to increase Democratic turnout. More focus will be placed upon voter education surrounding mail in ballots and making sure voters have the information necessary to make sure their vote is counted.

PTVPA will take over and expand upon TPAB’s successful 2020 Women to Women Phone Bank program. Drawing on elements of deep canvassing such as compassionate curiosity and storytelling, PTVPA will run a six week phone bank program, calling persuadable women across PA.  This program will include taking the time to train volunteers - the majority of whom are women - on deep canvassing techniques for these calls and to refine elements of our script based on feedback each week

Republicans have already begun implementing their latest dangerous strategy to nullify the governor’s veto power by placing constitutional amendments on the ballot for a statewide vote. These constitutional changes will ban abortion, defund Planned Parenthood, limit voting rights, and give more control of redistricting to the legislature. It is crucial that we work early and effectively to stop these sinister plans. This can be accomplished with a mix of voter education and outreach, as well as direct advocacy. This looming danger can not be overlooked and statewide outreach must begin, now before it’s too late.

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