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Our Mission

Promote The Vote PA (“PTVPA”) is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit that is affiliated with Turn PA Blue.  In order to preserve voting rights and increase access to voting, we must protect democracy at all levels of government, particularly at local and county levels where extremists have insidiously gained power. The battle for our democracy must be fought on every front consistently, in every election, every year.

Our mission includes the following:


  • Organizing, recruiting, and training citizens take an active role in our democracy at every level of government by helping to make the civic process more accessible to all who wish to participate;


  • Advocating for fair, accessible, modern elections and empowering voters with the information necessary to make sure their vote is counted, particularly with respect to voting by mail;


  • Working to create a structure of multi-cycle candidate pipelines to support county and local candidates in the county and municipal elections to help communities successfully build a bench of prepared and dedicated leaders;


  • Organize, train, and deploy volunteers to assist with nonpartisan voter education, issue advocacy, and voter mobilization in order to empower citizens to take an active role in their local government and help create a participatory democracy in a way that makes volunteering accessible to all who wish to be part of the solution  


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Vote By Mail Outreach

A robust Vote By Mail program is our key to Democratic victories!

Building strong voting habits of voting twice a year every year is vital to our quest to increase voter turnout.  Our volunteer team is well-trained and informed about the mail ballot process, from ballot application through ballot return options, providing guidance to voters in real time, so that they follow the required steps to complete their ballots & return them in a timely manner. 

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Women-to-Women Outreach

Women make up more than half of the electorate in PA and reaching this demographic is critical to securing wins in 2024 and beyond. Data shows that in the past three election cycles, 58% of mail voters were female. Drawing on elements of deep canvassing, our Women to Women Program targets low-propensity and persuadable women voters and trains volunteers to engage them in compassionate issue-based conversations. Our volunteers report that these calls are the most inspiring electoral work they have done and our program has demonstrated success in increasing turnout amongst our targets. 

PTVPA’s focus includes under-represented communities, as well as communities which have experienced or are extremely vulnerable to attacks to voting access. BIPOC voters represent 19% of Pennsylvania’s registered voters and are a rapidly growing segment of PA’s electorate, accounting for a higher performance of the Democratic vote. There is no winning in Pennsylvania without BIPOC voters.

GOTV/Election Day Turnout

Direct contact with potential voters increases in-person turnout on Election Day. Utilizing the latest technologies, PTVPA interacts with large numbers of targeted voters in real time to provide information about the voting process so they can make their voices heard.

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BIPOC Outreach

Young Voter Outreach

The 2022 midterm election had the second highest young voter turnout (18-35 year olds), in the last three decades, proving that young voters understand the urgency of addressing the critical issues at stake and will turn out to impact election results. Our research-based approach engages young voters through a variety of methods, including geo-targeting and voter education about the importance of civic engagement. Empowering young voters to take an active role in our democracy.

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